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Product Samples

A limited number of products may be selected and will be sent at no-charge. If additional samples are needed, please contact your local Rogers sales representative. Samples are sent prepaid ground EXW Chandler AZ in the United States. Samples for Europe will be shipped from our European office in Belgium. When sent to other regions, requestors may be responsible for any customs and duty charges. Appropriate end-use documentation may be requested by Rogers Corporation before samples will be sent to international customers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

University Program

If you are a University Professor or Student please review the following guidelines:

  • Any donated materials should be used for student learning or non-funded research.
  • Due to limited stock, please request your material prior to finalizing your design in the event we need to supply you with a substitute material.
  • We would appreciate the opportunity to review any test data concerning our products prior to publication.
  • Rogers Advanced Connectivity Solutions literature can be downloaded from the website to help familiarize you with the various products we offer.

Substitution and Limitation

Rogers reserves the right to substitute materials and, when necessary, limit the quantity of items sent based on available inventory.

Important information regarding international requests Important Information Regarding International Requests

Material requests from universities in Asia and Europe will be forwarded to our international offices. Requests from universities in South America, Canada or Mexico will be shipped from the United States. Rogers will provide the material at no-charge, but the university will be responsible for shipping and custom charges.

Rogers Corporation abides by all U.S. government laws and regulations, including those involving U.S. Export Controls. Some Rogers products, may require export licensing in order to be sold outside the United States. To this end, Rogers Corporation will monitor, control and sell its products within established guidelines that may require validated end use/end user information. Upon review of your request, our closest Rogers Corporation office will contact you regarding the requirement.